Freelance fullstack engineer

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Pilot and drone videographer

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I help developers go freelance, and help the adventurous ones travel the world

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I work with startups|tech companies|agencies to build Angular/React apps|node/python APIs|machine learning applications|great products.

Interests include Tensorflow, blockchain applications, and unmanned aerial systems. Computer Science at The University of Texas.

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Drone Videographer and Developer

I'm a big fan of anything that flies, manned or unmanned.

I have both an artistic and technical passion for unmanned aviation. I travel with a DJI Mavic Pro and try to capture interesting travel, landscape, and adventure shots from the air. I also enjoy using my technical skills to build my own unmanned aircraft, including my custom FPV quadcopter and my long-range ErleBrain/4G powered drone.

If you are interested in collaborating on an adventure videography or unmanned aviation projects:


I am grateful for the mentors I have had in my life and would like to give back to others that may have similar interests as me.

I am available to help with:

  • Transitioning from employment to freelance, specifically for developers
  • Freelancers who want to travel fulltime/digital nomad. I have been traveling while working on my business for the last year and have learned some things that can help you make the leap.
  • High level direction and mentorship for non-coders who are learning to code, or want to build their own product.